Sunday, June 28, 2009

Oh! Mother Dear...

Life is not a bed roses,
for man proposes and god disposes..
I need your support to pass through,
for this burden is hard to bear..
Please help me..Oh! Mother Dear..

Immature in my mind as I am,
unable to differ reality and scam..
And above that is the adolescent age,
tantrums and fits of rage..
I know it hurts you to hear,
But please, understand me,
Oh! Mother Dear...

I'm your gifted child,
but the gifts have been stolen,
and your hopes have been broken..
I'm struggling to survive the wear and tear,
Just have faith in me, Oh!Mother Dear...

The sun will rise,
and the darkness will fade,
we will see again the flourishing trade..
don't lose your heart so soon,
for the night supports a moon..
and the light will appear,
Believe in God, Oh! Mother Dear!!!


  1. hmm ...........nice 1
    nimo plzz write 1 poem 4 me

  2. :)zyada hawa mei mat chada nehu!! :P