Saturday, July 25, 2009

HE Always Hears!!!

When the world is asleep
and the mind is pondering deep..
When the thoughts are clogged
and the body is slogged..
When the heart's gone numb
and the soul is stumped.
When the time's at its worst
and all dreams are burst..
When the prejudices prevail
and all rapport has failed..
When facing destiny's tests
and wanting to put in the best..
When all that shows is strain
feeling helpless and vain..
When trying to escape from the present
and the pain's incessant..
When feelings are perturbed to the core
and knowing not whats in store..
When searching for that one piece of comfort
devoid of answers rude and curt..
Like a single spark in the stark
Like a silver lining in the dark..
Like a helping hand to the blind
wishing for support of that kind..
And when the efforts start to get as lame as could be
something deep inside screams beneath..
A name as it calls and heaves a sigh of relief
the soul gets uptight to fasten the belief..
And how could this be forgotten
HE is there to help in all times rotten..
HE, who created the world
has the onus of keeping his word..
So, just stay calm and composed
and give in all the fantasies that posed..
HE knows how to allay all fears
and is beside us, coz HE always hears!!!!

Monday, June 29, 2009

ITs A Happy Day :)

Like little droplets of love,surrounding the air....

Like mother of love ,taking your care.....

Like a curvy smile,turning to laughter....

Like the tinkling of bells,at the altar.....

Like the blooming of buds,when the rain starts to pour....

Like the shining of stars ,as has never been before....

Like the warm sunshine ,snuggles the mornings....

Like the cute li'l fingers ,carve out the drawings....

Like the dancing of trees,by the swish of the wind....

Like the settling of spring,like once it did.....

Like 'Vibgyor' deluging,the rays of the sun....

Like a million waves,towards the beach run....

Like the dusk sets in ,at the end of the ocean.....

Like prayers allay ,all pre-notions.....

Like the first kiss,running shivers down your back....

Like love completes,all that you lack....

Like feeling at home ,in the circle of his arms....

Like feeling protected,secure and calm....

Blessed we are , to have encountered,any of these.....

What more from life,do we please....

Feeling happy and content,'is an occult mind game....

Its all in your hands,to feel light or remain the same....

So tell yourself ,several times a day.....

That Its a very very,A very Happy Day!!!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

I Want To Run....Son! ( an old man's perspective)

When i see you chirp in a whole-hearted way,
My gaunt structure urges to play...
Along with you my son!

I want to climb those rubbles on the way ,
Which once stood like the firms of the mid-day,
I want to touch those scars and see
If they're still scary enough for you ..Son!

I want to chase you up the hill,
And make you play Jack and Jill,
And once again see my childhood days return...

To bear the rains, splash in the drains,
And then to savour in bed with pains,
...I want to be your pal in all,
and be there for you my Son!

I want to do everything you do,
And feel the past again,
I want to unlearn the sageness in me,
To experience that innocence yet once again,
...through you my Son..!

If and only if I could run back in the past
And bring myself alive,
i would run with you and feel again..
the beautiful morning Sun!!!

Where Am I Heading To!!!!!!!

Sitting here in deep slumber,
introspecting self makes me wonder,
With all the love and kind in my kitty,
what reasons do i have to lament and pity?
Having many a cobbers to support,
still lingers the feeling to deport,
With heaps of expectations to sue,
Where Am I Heading To...

A child born with an inconspicuous halo,
to grow into a scrupulous fellow,
Wished to bring worth all "mary's" pains,
she predicted her baby to get back the gains,
Fought the world's taunts and jibes,
pushing her juvenile again to rise,
By kicking all that trust in lieu,
Where Am I Heading To...

Lost in the world of hearty giggles,
the future percepts tougher riddles,
Walking on an untraceable path,
is nothing but the way to endless scathe,
Filled up to the brim is oodles of self-contempt,
Oh! when will i make a serious attempt?!
This idle thinking just won't do,
wish i knew, Where Am I Heading To...

Feet need to find the ground soon,
flying in the air doesn't get the moon,
Gripping back to the world of real kind,
its time to shape those fantasies of the mind,
Failure is the path to success,
realizing this fact and working in excess,
Is the only way to that el-dorado whose existence is true,
guess! I finally know, Where Am I Heading To...!!!

Oh! Mother Dear...

Life is not a bed roses,
for man proposes and god disposes..
I need your support to pass through,
for this burden is hard to bear..
Please help me..Oh! Mother Dear..

Immature in my mind as I am,
unable to differ reality and scam..
And above that is the adolescent age,
tantrums and fits of rage..
I know it hurts you to hear,
But please, understand me,
Oh! Mother Dear...

I'm your gifted child,
but the gifts have been stolen,
and your hopes have been broken..
I'm struggling to survive the wear and tear,
Just have faith in me, Oh!Mother Dear...

The sun will rise,
and the darkness will fade,
we will see again the flourishing trade..
don't lose your heart so soon,
for the night supports a moon..
and the light will appear,
Believe in God, Oh! Mother Dear!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ray Of Hope...........

Losing is a part of life...
for every loser is a winner in disguise,
But never accept defeat as you can still beat...
for there is always a next time,
and you have scope...
Just don't lose the RAy Of HOpe!

Every cloud supports a silver line...
try hard ,life can never be canine,
God is ranking your tests...
just give in your best,
And you'll definitely win...
as you've committed no sin,
Only once you lose ,when you lose the rope...
Detaching self from the RAy Of HOpe!

Almighty is by no way mean...
to help you , he is always keen,
But, he helps those, who help themselves...
so, always believe in yourself,
Hand in your sins to the pope...
and forever stick on to the RAy Of HOpe!!!!

Tell Me Why...

why does the life terrain seem so rough?
even when the world is more than enough....

why do we call despair?
even when things can be mended and repaired...

why do we find the life short?
even when we can make the best of it in every sort...

why do we always see the half glass empty?
even when things to be filled in are plenty...

why do we only see the closed door?
even when god opens another four...

why does the goal always seem out of reach?
even when there's loads of potential to learn and preach...

why do we always see the gold ring on others' finger?
even when we might be gifted with a house of silver...

why do we have to envy and lament?
even when each one of us gifted with an exquisite talent...

why do we find our perspective of things to be right always?
even when it is said that every problem can be solved in 101 ways...

why do we expect the best to happen to us?
even when perfection wasn't bestowed on Jesus...

why do we expect love from the one we love?
even we might have broken the heart of someone in our love...

why don't we accept our life as our destiny?
even when we know that one day death will wipe all fantasies!!!!!!!