Thursday, January 19, 2017


I'm often called a rebel and I'm often told I'm a conformist...
I haven't quite figured out till date ..which of the two dominates me.
Maybe I am more of a rebel inside and a conformist on the outside. If I had a choice, I would rebel every tradition possible, but the conformist in me saves me the face to live in this society. I know there are people who are brave enough to take a stand , who fight it all and live like an outcast. But I am a coward. I have always been one, all my life. I am scared to lose my loved ones including my partner - my closest friend. Coz they are all a slave of the society and I am no one to call names as I am one of them myself.
But that can't keep me from admiring the ones who dared to break the rules..!

Hey you girl, across the street.. Who chose to be independent and not marry just because people want you to.. I salute you!

And you boy out there, I'm glad you dared to drop out of school and pursue classical dance, your passion and did not get stereotyped into the definition of what people think makes a man 'responsible with a secure future'!

My Lady next door, you divorced a drunkard and remarried. I want to let you know how much I respect you for having stood up for yourself. Love never meant to bear the unfair.

To the middle aged man, who sits alone in the park everyday... I want to talk to you and unravel the mysteries of the mind. But they say you are mad, coz your imagination is way too creative for a normal man to understand. Yet you spend your days 'unbaffled' with a smile as you look at the sun.

And to my 60year old aunt, with her red lips statement. Believe me, I so love the way you carry yourself unabashed and actually look better than all the envious heads who call you a cougar. I know its not true and I know its just a matter of personal choice...only if our society could understand that concept.

But I know I could never muster the guts to come out and speak the way I feel about you. I wonder if there are many like me out there, I wish to find them. Together we can someday be as bold enough as all of you and spit in the face of this hypocritical world!