Saturday, July 25, 2009

HE Always Hears!!!

When the world is asleep
and the mind is pondering deep..
When the thoughts are clogged
and the body is slogged..
When the heart's gone numb
and the soul is stumped.
When the time's at its worst
and all dreams are burst..
When the prejudices prevail
and all rapport has failed..
When facing destiny's tests
and wanting to put in the best..
When all that shows is strain
feeling helpless and vain..
When trying to escape from the present
and the pain's incessant..
When feelings are perturbed to the core
and knowing not whats in store..
When searching for that one piece of comfort
devoid of answers rude and curt..
Like a single spark in the stark
Like a silver lining in the dark..
Like a helping hand to the blind
wishing for support of that kind..
And when the efforts start to get as lame as could be
something deep inside screams beneath..
A name as it calls and heaves a sigh of relief
the soul gets uptight to fasten the belief..
And how could this be forgotten
HE is there to help in all times rotten..
HE, who created the world
has the onus of keeping his word..
So, just stay calm and composed
and give in all the fantasies that posed..
HE knows how to allay all fears
and is beside us, coz HE always hears!!!!