Sunday, June 28, 2009

I Want To Run....Son! ( an old man's perspective)

When i see you chirp in a whole-hearted way,
My gaunt structure urges to play...
Along with you my son!

I want to climb those rubbles on the way ,
Which once stood like the firms of the mid-day,
I want to touch those scars and see
If they're still scary enough for you ..Son!

I want to chase you up the hill,
And make you play Jack and Jill,
And once again see my childhood days return...

To bear the rains, splash in the drains,
And then to savour in bed with pains,
...I want to be your pal in all,
and be there for you my Son!

I want to do everything you do,
And feel the past again,
I want to unlearn the sageness in me,
To experience that innocence yet once again,
...through you my Son..!

If and only if I could run back in the past
And bring myself alive,
i would run with you and feel again..
the beautiful morning Sun!!!